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Consumers Expect Brands to Respond Within 24 Hours

Most people expect brands to respond to social media comments within 24 hours, according to a new survey from Clutch, the leading B2B ratings and reviews company.

Eighty-three percent (83%) of people expect companies to respond to social media comments within a day or less.

With today’s rapid pace of communication, customers expect businesses to remain alert to inquiries and provide a quick response. Quick response may not necessarily mean quick resolution. But at least the customer knows they’ve been heard, and someone is aware of the issue.

The millennial generation has higher expectations in terms of response than other generations. Ninety percent (90%) of millennials expect brands to respond to comments on social media within a day or less, and 44% expect brands to respond within an hour or less.

It's important for brands to engage criticism online. Nearly half of people (45%) say they would view a brand more positively if it responded to negative comments on social media.

Demonstrating that your business responds quickly is helpful to your brand reputation because it assures customers that if there’s a problem, you’ll take care of it.

Businesses that use social media can humanize their brand by authentically engaging with consumers. Quickly acknowledging inquiries solidifies the relationship and lets consumers know the company is listening.

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